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Steel City Biofuels,the Pennsylvania Resources Council and Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities are pleased to announce "The Future of Fuel," an event celebrating National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day. "The Future of Fuel" will showcase existing alternative fuel & vehicle technologies such as air powered cars, biodiesel, landfill derived compressed natural gas, ethanol, electric cars, fuel cells, hybrids, hydrogen, propane, and solar powered cars. Throughout the day participants will be able to speak with industry representatives about these technologies. Local organizations will also have information on what's going on in Pittsburgh and how to "plug-in".   Speakers and formal presentations will begin at 2pm. The event is free and open to the public and will be held at Construction Junction, located at 214 N. Lexington St. in Point Breeze.
For more information please contact Nathaniel Doyno at 412.418.4594.